Manufacturer: Mitsubishi Electric
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The VS-XE73RU replaces XGA lamp-based engines for Mitsubishi’s XL20/XL21 and XL50 series cubes.

LED lighting offers significant advantages over conventionally-lit Display Wall systems employing mercury lamps. Mitsubishi Electric’s LED cubes employ a unique air-cooled lighting element, which, unlike the liquid-cooling employed in some other manufacturer’s products, requires no moving parts and no maintenance for its entire 80.000 - 100.000 hours lifespan. Specially designed fan packs rated for 100,000 hours of continuous use mean that a Mitsubishi Electric LED cube wall can be expected to deliver over 9 years of 24/7 operation without further maintenance or replacement parts. Removing the need to replace expensive mercury lamps represents a considerable cost saving, as well as other benefits such as reducing environmental impact.

VS-XE73RU offer a screen brightness up to 870cd/m² and contrast ratio of 1700:1, making them ideal for the majority of control room applications. The colour performance of LED is a considerable improvement on conventional mercury illumination. Along with a generally improved image, more accurate colour performance makes it easier for operators to distinguish between the different coloured graphics frequently employed in control room displays, reducing operator fatigue and the likelihood of errors.
Mitsubishi Electric’s patented Colour Space Control and innovative digital graduation feature ensure superb, edge-to-edge colour and brightness uniformity across the entire screen.


  • Available for 50" & 67"
  • Lifetime ≤ 100.000 hrs.
  • Up to 870cd/m²
  • Air cooling (no liquid)