AVL-IDT6 6mm pixel pitch for medium distance viewing

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6mm pixel pitch for medium distance viewing.

IDT6 features 3-in-1 LEDs with a pixel pitch of  6.67 mm. The IDT Black Package delivers an ultimate high contrast performance and a brightness of 2,000 cd/m². The IDT6 BP is the new reference for 6mm indoor systems with an image quality that has to be seen to be believed. Diamond Vision LED screens are designed to meet the demands of the industry. World class picture quality and absolute reliability that you expect from Mitsubishi Electric LED products.


  • Indoor use
  • Pixel pitch 6 mm
  • 2,000 cd/m²
  • Viewing distance > 2m
  • Extreme viewing angle with no colour shift
  • Incredible contrast levels with the IDT-6 Black Package
  • High reliability

Consol Energy Arena (Pittsburgh Penguins)
Location: Pittsburgh, Penn.
Main Display: Model AVL-IDT6
Size: 14.5 ft. (H) x 24.5 ft. (W)




LED module


Indoor use

Pixel arrangement

3 in1 SMD pure colour

Pixel pitch

6.67 mm

Minimum viewing distance

> 2 m


2,000 cd/m² (black package)

Lifetime to 50% brightness

100,000 hr

Viewing angle

Vertical +/- 70° / Horizontal +/- 70°

Service access

Front and rear


CE mark