AVL-ODQ10 10 mm quad pixel LED Module for outdoor fixed installation.

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ODQ10, 10 mm quad pixel LED Module for outdoor fixed installation.

Our 20mm pixel pitch screen system is used around the world for high profile installations where quality and reliability are the key requirements.

Thanks to its fantastic contrast level, faithful colour reproduction, unrivalled uniformity and Mitsubishi's unique Dynamic Pixel technology, the ODQ10 will out-perform many other products of higher pixel pitch. The combination of performance and cost-effectiveness makes ODQ10 a superb choice in sports or digital signage applications.

Our Natural Colour Matrix™ system delivers true colours and clean whites from source -essential in advertising and corporate use- and our ASPECT™ technology maintains sharpness in images for both video and text (vital in sports and commercial applications).

The ODQ10 is built to last and is suitable for all outdoor use, including the demands of inner-city 24 hour advertising. The system requires minimal maintenance, as demonstrated by the many installations still recording zero defects years after commissioning.


  • Outdoor use
  • Pixel pitch 20 mm
  • Dot pitch 10 mm
  • 5000 cd/m²
  • Viewing distance > 8m
  • APS Control automatically regulates power intake to reduce running costs
  • Front and rear maintenance options give flexibility for service access.
  • ODQ10 upholds Mitsubishi's unrivalled reputation for reliability.
  • Our unique Dynamic Pixel technology maximises image resolution.
  • The excellent contrast ratio produces true blacks, which further enhance the superb image quality
  • Wide viewing angles without colour shift across the viewing cone.




LED module


Outdoor use

Pixel arrangement

Dynamic pixel, lamp type, 2R 1G 1B, pure colour

Pixel pitch

20 mm

Dot pitch

10 mm

Minimum viewing distance

> 8 m


5000 cd/m²

Lifetime to 50% brightness

100,000 hr

Viewing angle

Vertical + 25° to - 40° / Horizontal +/- 70°

Temperature range

-20 to + 40 °C (- 4.0 to + 104 °F)

Service access

Front and rear


CE mark