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Native IP architecture

IP-based distributed processing eliminates the need to use a single controller as each individual LCD Display or rear projection cube is equipped with its own OPS PC or  Agent PC. Each individual display can handle up to 10 H.264 streaming video images at D1 resolution and 30 fps. This extremely powerful visualisation system provides you with a high level of security and reliability in applications such as traffic, security and utility control rooms. This IP-based system is able to manage any combination of video, camera feeds, graphics and processes with ease. Its innovative decentralised structure and "distributed intelligence" architecture means there is no possibility of a common mode failure disabling the display. Each individual display within the system exists as an independent entity, capable of acting either as a subordinate or master controller. Should a system’s master controller fail, its role can be assumed automatically by any other individual display units, ensuring complete continuity of operation. The system allows you to capture an unlimited number of IP cameras and DVR’s, as well as workstation contents through IP stream.