VS-60HS12U 60" Full HD LED slim display wall cube

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60" Full HD LED slim display wall cube

Based on the same unique LED light source technology as its widely-used Seventy Series DLP™ cubes, the new cube offers significant economies in both its space requirement and cost of ownership.

Until now, the only practical option for large format control room display in restricted spaces such as crisis suites and breakout rooms has been tiled LCD. However, LCD is not ideal for  24/7 operation and in many cases the intrusive bezel can prove distracting to operators. Mitsubishi Electric’s VS-60HS12 provides an elegant solution, offering both a near-seamless high-resolution display and true, zero-maintenance 24 hour operation in a compact footprint.

The 60” diagonal DLP rear projection cubes measure just 520 mm deep, nearly half that of Mitsubishi’s Seventy Series cubes. Being solely front access means the VS-60HS12 can be installed flush to the wall, with no rear access required. The LED projection engine employs the same patented air-cooled light source technology as Mitsubishi’s high-specification Seventy Series, and requires no maintenance over its entire lifespan of approximately 50,000 hours. Based on a 0.65” Digital Mirror Device (DMD®), the display delivers up to 660 cd/m² at 1080p resolution, enhanced by Mitsubishi’s patented Colour Space Control and Digital Graduation circuitry. The displays are also completely self-balancing, ensuring correct colour balance across the wall automatically.


  • 60" Full HD
  • Lifetime ≤ 50.000 hrs
  • Up to 700cd/m²
  • Air cooling (no liquid)
  • Front access only

No burn-in and near-zero bezel design using DLPTM technology
The 0.65 DLP® chip is a reflective imaging device that is not affected by heat absorption, even when projecting a fixed pattern over a long period of time. Its durability and imaging quality are the best option among displays, especially for 24/7 operating environments.

Burn-in                                                                               No burn-in

The VS-60HS12U slim display wall cube is is equipped with three built-in sensors (one for each primary color) that use a color and brightness maintenance algorithm. The sensors continually monitor the individual red, green and blue output of each display wall cube, share the data with adjacent cubes, and adjust performance automatically to produce extremely accurate colors and brightness balance over the entire display. These features make it possible to maintain image uniformity on multi-screen configurations over long periods of operation without using external software or a computer.

To compensate for the color and brightness inconsistencies on display wall cubes, Mitsubishi Electric has developed an original Color Space Control Circuit that balances and blends colors.The ratios of each primary color (red/green/blue) and other color mixtures are adjusted to provide consistent color blending and superior uniformity on multi-screen configurations.

Loss of brightness at the screen edges is no longer a problem owing to Mitsubishi Electric's innovative digital gradation circuit. Brightness is distributed evenly across the screen, ensuring the reproduction of sharp, vivid images from edge to edge on multi-screen configurations.






Screen size

60 "


Full HD

1920x1080 pixels

Aspect ratio





700cd/m² @Bright Mode, 560cd/m² @Normal Mode, 280cd/m² @Eco Mode

Contrast ratio

1000 :1

Light source


Light source lifetime

50.000 hrs.

Control signal input

RS232C: D-Sub 9pins, LAN: RJ45 1x(10BASE-T/100BASE-TX), Dsub9 x 2(IN/OUT) Mitsubishi Original Control Link, Wire remote: F3.5 Jack, IR receiver

Input board slot

DVI-I (digital with HDCP, analog) x1

Power consumption

61W@Eco Mode / 96W@Normal Mode / 123W@Bright Mode

Thermal dissipation

208 BTU/h@Eco Mode / 328 BTU/h@Normal Mode / 420 BTU/h@Bright Mode

Operating current

1.7 / 0.9 Amp

Cooling System

Air cooling system with efficient cooling pipe and aluminum plate (No liquid)

Optional Accessories

Remote control unit R-XL51TX