VS-70HE120U New Wide-format LED Display Wall Cubes guarantee excellent performance, reliability

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New Wide-format LED Display Wall Cubes guarantee excellent performance, reliability and high quality.

With the introduction of the 120 series LED display wall cubes, we have further expanded our 16:9 format display wall line up to meet the increased demand from the market and to enhance our ability to propose  tailor-made solutions that suit diversified customer applications.

The key to visual communications can be found in Mitsubishi Electric's Smart 7 technologies, the core concept behind display wall design at Mitsubishi Electric. These advanced cutting-edge technologies are incorporated in all 120 Series products, ensuring innovative and highly reliable display solutions for command and control room applications.

An extensive line-up is now available including 60 and 70-inch 16:9 wide models with Full HD(1080P) resolution.

The 70HE120U is our 70” Full HD rear access maintenance model which comes with a standard black stripe screen. This model is also available as a front access maintenance model. Optionally you can also choose for a Cross-lenticular screen which varies in brightness- and viewing angle capabilities.



Color Space Control Circuit
To compensate for the color and brightness inconsistencies on display wall cubes, Mitsubishi Electric has developed an original Color Space Control Circuit that balances and blends colors.The ratios of each primary color (Red/Green/Blue) and other color mixtures are adjusted to provide consistent color blending and superior uniformity on multi-screen configurations.

Without Color Space Control       With Color Space Control

Digital Gradation Circuit
Loss of brightness at the screen edges is no longer a problem owing to Mitsubishi Electric's innovative digital gradation circuit. The brightness is distributed evenly across the screen, ensuring the reproduction of sharp, vivid images from edge to edge on multi-screen configurations.

Without Digital Gradiation           With Digital Gradiation





LED lighting offers significant advantages over conventionally-lit Display Wall systems employing mercury lamps. Mitsubishi Electric’s LED cubes employ a unique air-cooled lighting element, which, unlike the liquid-cooling employed in some other manufacturer’s products, requires no moving parts and less maintenance for its entire 60,000 – 100,000 hour lifespan. This highly efficient air-cooling system realizes higher reliability by using a very effective cooling plate and aluminium pipe for each of the individual RGB LED light sources.

Specially designed fan packs rated for 100,000 hours of continuous use mean that a Mitsubishi Electric LED cube wall can be expected to deliver well over 9 years of 24/7  operation.


Full Front Access for Simple Maintenance

Mitsubishi Electric offers a wide line-up of front-access products: front access is available for 60"and 70" Full HD (1080P) models of the 120 series.

A special designed slide-and-lift screen combimed with  the special air-ventilation system allow all installation and maintenance work to be completed from the front. As a result, no maintenance space is needed behind the display wall cubes even if they are tiled as a display wall installation.



Dynamic Color & Brightness Balancing

Each display wall cube is equipped with three built-in sensors (one for each primary color) that use a color and brightness maintenance algorithm. The sensors continually monitor the individual red, green and blue output of each display wall cube, share the data with adjacent cubes, and adjust performance automatically to produce extremely accurate colors and brightness balance over the entire display. These features make it possible to maintain image uniformity on multi-screen configurations over long periods of operation without using external
software or a computer.






120 Series display wall cubes are equipped with an open pluggable specification (OPS) slot. Simply install the optional computer board* to expand the scope of applications.A variety of peripheral equipment can be connected quickly and easily for future system expansion.

*For details of the optional computer board, please contact your nearest Mitsubishi Electric sales representative.



Mitsubishi Electric's original LED light source which contains the ideal
combination of fully redundant RGB LEDs and air cooling system can
realize the perfect display solutions for 24/7 operations. 4 light
elements for each RGB LED are able to keep display's picture image
qualities even if 1 light element fails. They are able to enhance the reliabilities for various mission critical environment.

Smart Switch

A "Smart Switch" function has been added to Mitsubishi Electric display wall cubes to deliver the signal redundancy necessary for mission critical applications that require round-the-clock operation. If a signal is unexpectedly lost, the display wall automatically switches to the alternative signal source (either “port-to-port” or “board-to-board”) within seconds after the ‘no signal’ status is detected. This function makes it possible for the user to minimize downtime in the event of a signal source failure.


Internal Processing




The 120 Series display wall cubes are equipped with an internal data processing function. In addition to the background image (desktop), a
window can be of any size or displayed across the entire wall without using an external controller.

Used in combination with Mitsubishi Electric’s D-Wall software suite, the entire imaging system can be controlled intuitively from a user-friendly graphical user interface.

Background (desktop)




1 Windows + 1 Background (desktop)