VS-L55HM70U 55" Super Narrow Bezel LCD Monitor

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55" Super Narrow Bezel LCD Monitor

Mitsubishi Electric’s full-HD 55” VS-L55HM70U Display Monitor is a unique LCD monitor with Super Narrow Bezel that offers the functionality of our 24/7 rear projection display cubes, with a compact form factor that is ideally suited for small to medium sized control rooms. These versatile displays can be used in a tiling arrangement to provide a large overall resolution when depth and ceiling height are at a premium, resulting in a combined mullion of 5.7mm between screens.

The full HD, 55” VS-L55HM70U LCD Display Monitor is ideally suited for heavy video presentation and monitoring applications. It offers a 3500:1 contrast ratio and a max of 700 cd/m2 of screen brightness providing fantastic image detail even with the darkest of content. Featuring three optional input board slots that can receive any combination of our optional input boards, you can tailor your display wall to fit your source signal needs.



  • 55
  • 700cd/m²
  • 3500:1
  • Full HD

Each Mitsubishi super narrow bezel LCD Display Monitor is equipped with a built-in brightness sensor that makes measurements every 2 seconds. The Dynamic Brightness Balancing circuit then communicates the brightness data to all of the monitors and automatically performs the necessary adjustments to maintain optimum brightness uniformity across the entire display wall.





The integrated Color Space Control function maintains color uniformity between adjacent display monitors. Mitsubishi’s proprietary Digital Gradation Circuit automatically compensates for the brightness level at the edges of the screen where brightness usually fades, thus ensuring the optimum brightness distribution and uniformity over multi-screen tiled configurations.



The VS-L55HM70U LCD Display Monitors integrate simplified internal processing, which may eliminate the need for you to use an external image processor. When properly configured, each cube can display up to four windows and one background image per screen, or as many as six windows if a background image is not used across the display wall. You can move multiple windows freely and, when using Mitsubishi D-Wall Software, control the system with an intuitive graphical user interface.

Three backlight power modes (Bright, Normal and Eco) can be selected according to the operation environment.




Full HD (1920x1080 pixels)

LCD type



700cd/m² @High Bright Mode / 500cd/m² @Normal Mode / 350cd/m²@Eco Mode

Contrast ratio

3500 :1

Back light technology

LED (Direct)

Viewing angle (H/V)


Display orientation

Landscape / Portrait


Overlay function: Up to 6 windows per each screen (with VC-B70V2,VC-B70DA2). Up to 3 windows per each screen (with other boards).

Control signal input

RS232: D sub9 pins, LAN: RJ45 x1 (10 base-t/100 base-tx), Dsub9 pins x2 (input / output) Mitsubishi original control link. Wire remote 3.5 Jack

Optional Slot

Input board slot for optional input board x 3 One VC-B70DC card is pre-installed.

Power consumption

150W@Eco Mode / 170W@Normal Mode / 210W@Bright Mode

Thermal dissipation


Operating current

2.5 / 1.1 Amp

Optional Accessories

Remote control unit R-XL51TX / Analog and/or Digital RGB input board VC-B70D2A / Video input board VC-B70V2 / Daisy chain board VC-B70DC / SDI input board VC-B70SD1 / Digital RGB Input board VC-B70D2 / LED unit S-74LE / IR receiver R-XM70IR / Wall mount frame BR-HM70KK